Manage e-Gift Campaign and track results

Manage all your e-Gift Campaigns

Access the appyReward App either via the AppCloud configurator located in your Settings (Platform Extensions>Apps), or directly from the Eloqua Homepage by clicking the Cloud Icon (More Apps) situated on your top right corner (just under Email Group).
The AppCloud configurator would be fully displayed in the center of your screen via the AppCloud Settings, while the other way would be displayed in a simple band.

We recommend you to use the Apps Setting configurator to set your App, and use the Icon Cloud to track statistics..


You get a monthly overview of all your campaigns with all consolidated results (deliveries, redeemed gifts, and spending)

Campaigns are chronologically listed (the latest ones first), showing success results in real time.

By clicking more details of the campaign you get real time numbers of recipients that have redeemed your e-gifts. The total spending (vs. budget) of the campaign would also be displayed if you chose prepaid gift cards.

By opening the campaign metrics overview of Eloqua (Orchestration>Overview), displayed beside the appyReward detailed view of the campaign, you would get a broad vision of your results! (Matching unique opens, unique clicks, and redeemed gifts)

Be aware that the Eloqua metrics are timely reported, while appyReward ones are in real time (wait updates for complete comparison).


All your campaigns are listed here! You may view each campaign in details, see any Segments, Edit new parameters or Stop them.


You can choose from more than 100 brands the prepaid gift card you want to offer.

Or insert your own gift card via the Personal Gifts menu.

Your account

From this menu you can completely fulfill your account, manage your subscription, purchase gifts, check the transactions and set your preferences (language).