Create and Launch Your e-Gift Campaign

Video tutorial

Create or Select your Eloqua Document first (Email or Landing page)

  • Start from the “Assets” menu to create or modify the document to be incentivized (here an Email for instance)
  • It could be a new one (“Create an Email”) or an existing one you choose from the emails list (draft or active).
  • Start by editing your Email as usual, then name and save it.Choose you email group then save it again.

DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE YOUR ELOQUA DOCUMENT before configuring your e-gift campaign with appyReward in order you can properly add the Content Cloud.

Open and Insert the appyReward Cloud Content within your Eloqua Document

  • Click the “Cloud Content” menu situated on the left bar to open the Cloud Content Window.
  • Then, locate and select the appyReward Cloud Content App by either scrolling the list of Apps or by typing appyReward on the search box.
  • Once selected, insert the appyReward e-gift component within your Document by dragging it on to your document, and dropping it where you want it appears.
  • The appyReward e-gift Component change into an appyReward e-gift card size model (this is the appyReward zone ready to be configured)

Using Responsive Editor

Using Blank Design Email

Configure your Campaign Basics

Open the appyReward Cloud Content Configuration window by double clicking the appyReward e-gift Component (card size model) dropped on to your document.The Cloud Content Configuration window appears in the center of your screen. It’s unmovable.

You can start to configure your e-Gift Campaign:
  • Name your e-Gift Campaign
    Confirm the name you gave to the Eloqua document or rename it (it is only visible to you)
  • Choose your type of gift
    It could be a merchant e-gift card (prepaid gift) you choose from our catalog,or your own gift (Company gift cards, coupons, whitepapers or other contents).
  • Schedule dates and duration

    Enter the starting date of your campaign, when you want your recipient access the gift.If you choose prepaid e-gift cards (merchants like Amazon), you will need first to credit your balance account to purchase the gift cards. Then, it would be required a delay of 5 business between you order and the launch of the campaign).If you choose a personal gift or free content, then you can start right away.Enter the Ending date of your campaign. Your codes/links would be not valid passed this date.

  • Describe your campaign
    Do not forget to describe your campaign for better information (internal use only)

Choose e-Gifts and Set Quantities

  • Enter the number of contacts you want to reward
    It will create as many access code/links as contacts in your segment.
  • Estimate your gift deliveries

    Enter your predictable response rate (optional) to calculate the minimum number of gifts you need to satisfy the demand. (Not everyone will claim his gift during your campaign, it is up to you to calculate returns rate to optimize your deliveries. You will be notified during the campaign of the evolution of your real deliveries versus the estimates, and then you could adjust the numbers during the campaign).
    The response rate is a ratio (it is a percentage calculation between the numbers of contacts and the total of registered recipients).

  • Choose your e-gift

    Select the e-gift you want to offer to recipients.
    If you previously selected a prepaid e-gift card type, you can select merchant e-gift cards from a catalog of +100 brands like Amazon, iTunes, or Starbuck Coffee.
    Then, fix the value of the gift you want to offer by double clicking on the selected e-gift (prepaid gifts cards offer a choice of different values upon merchants).
    The initial budget amount would be automatically calculated (pricing X quantities).
    If you had chosen your own gift card type, then you could insert your gift previously added and uploaded to your personal e-gift catalog (in this case you don’t need to credit an initial budget).
    OPTIONAL - You can add different segments to one campaign (for A/B testing for example)

Launch your e-Gift Campaign and Apply it to your Document

By clicking Next at the end of the gift selection page, a summary view of your campaign settings is fully displayed. If you have many segments there would be all listed.

  • Validate each created segment

    By clicking on “Launch this segment” your campaign would be ready to be applied to your Eloqua Document and your budget credited with the necessary amount (if you selected prepaid gift cards).
    If you do not have enough credit to purchase e-gifts, it would be displayed an alert inviting you to buy credit first (see Use Guide part III for crediting my account).

  • Apply the e-gift campaign to your document

    By clicking on “Apply” you finalize the setting of the e-gift campaign within the Eloqua Document you have created or modified (email or landing page). Then, CLOSE the appyReward Cloud Content Configuration window to continue on the document. PLEASE WAIT A FEW SECONDS ONCE THE APPYREWARD CLOUD CONTENT CONFIGURATION WINDOW IS CLOSED. THE SELECTED GIFT CARD MUST REPLACE THE COMPONENT MODEL. (Wait that Eloqua completes the registration of the e-gift campaign within the document)

ONCE it is completed, SAVE again your document with the e-gift inserted.