Apply your Gift to another Eloqua Document

You can anytime remove your e-gift from a document to associate it to another one (document).

  • Go to the Eloqua document where your gift is applied.
  • Double click on the e-gift component zone
  • A list of all your segments for this campaign appears
  • Click on the “Disable” button of the designated segment
  • Then, Close the Cloud Content configuration window and cancel the appyReward e-gift model that is not anymore configured

  • Go to your new Eloqua Document
  • Drop a new appyReward e-gift component you drag from the Cloud Content menu
  • Double click on the appyReward e-gift component
  • Click “Apply an existing e-Gift Campaign” button
  • Drop the list down of your appyReward campaigns
  • Select the designated campaign
  • Open the menu “View” and select “Segments”
  • Click on the “Apply” button of the designated segment, then wait for the appearance of the message « Applied » before closing the configurator window
  • Save your Eloqua document